75 years for a rejuvenated Old Chigwellian Lodge

By W Bro Nick Garnish PSGD, Metropolitan Grand Inspector

On November 16th 2023, an old school Lodge that had once found itself in risk of closure instead celebrated its 75th anniversary. At the meeting at Mark Masons’ Hall, the Lodge welcomed their Metropolitan Grand Inspector, W Bro Jon Randall PSGD to mark the auspicious occasion, which also saw the Lodge initiating a new Brother.

After the ceremony had been performed to an excellent standard, and the new Brother made welcome in the Lodge, it was time to celebrate the history – and future! – of the Old Chigwellian Lodge.

Lodge member, W Bro Nick Garnish PSGD, MetGInsp, presented a brief retrospect of the first 75 years of the Lodge. The Lodge was born after a chance meeting of Old Chigwellians during World War Two, whilst in Egypt. The founding members included several Grand Officers and at least one prominent statesman in Sir Herbert Hall, who was at Chigwell between 1892 and 1898. Sir Herbert would become Vice Consul in Buenos Aires and married Lucy Kennedy, the granddaughter of the 5th Earl Viscount Bangor. He became Chairman of the Board of Governors at Chigwell, serving between 1939 and 1961. Sir Herbert’s portrait was displayed on the staircase of Mark Masons’ Hall for many years.

The Consecration meeting was held on 17th June 1948. Consecration officers included RW Assistant Grand Master Brig Gen WHV Davell, and W Bro Victor Crosse (of Crosse & Blackwell fame), who subsequently gifted the Crosse legacy to the Lodge. Four people were proposed for Initiation and the Secretary read letters of apology from two of the Founding Brothers, unavoidably detained in Cyprus and Iraq. After the consecration, the Brethren dined in the Connaught Rooms on a menu including seagull eggs!

Membership declined in the early 2000s, and Old Chigwellian Brethren worked hard to modernise. The Lodge has revitalised and now boasts 33 members and 2 honorary members, including W Bro John Keys PAGPurs, who has 64 years’ service to the Craft. In 2012 the Lodge was honoured to see W Bro Chris McDonald PSGD appointed as a Metropolitan Grand Inspector, responsible for more than 100 Lodges. Bro Nick was pleased to follow in his footsteps in 2019 and the school produced its third Inspector – W Bro Martin Smith SLGR MetGInsp – in 2023.

The Lodge is proud to be a member of the Federation of School Lodges and will host the festival in 2029 to coincide with the school’s 400th anniversary.

To conclude the celebrations, Bro John, on his first official visit to the Lodge, was delighted to present the Worshipful Master, W Bro Anil Sharad, with a certificate from RW Bro Sir Michael Snyder MetGM to commemorate the 75th year anniversary of this founding Lodge of Metropolitan Grand Lodge. From facing an uncertain future, to a position where the Lodge is thriving, Old Chigwellian Lodge has lived up to their old school motto: “Aut viam, inveniam, aut faciam” – to find a way or make a way.


50 years for W Bro Trevor Smith

On Friday 9th February 2024 at Freemasons’ Hall, W Bro Rob Corney, Master of Mapesbury Lodge No 4084, and his members were delighted to celebrate the presentation of W Bro Trevor Smith with his 50 year Long Service Certificate.

The presentation was made by W Bro Martin Vidler PJGD MetGInsp, who had been welcomed into the meeting with his retinue and only declined the gavel at the last minute, almost giving the Master an evening off. The presentation took the form of a particularly cheerful “fireside interview” with W Bro Vidler, in which the Lodge learned about W Bro Trevor’s rich life, career and many Masonic achievements.

The assembled members then also initiated Bro Martin Robbie, who was duly welcomed into the Craft with the hand of friendship and a fine Festive Board.



‘Tis the Season of Giving: Masons Christmas Party Raises Funds for Charity

By Michael Duque

A vibrant group of Filipino Masons and their families led by the Brethren of Con Amore Lodge No 3633 came together for an unforgettable Christmas party that not only filled the air with laughter and joy but also caring hearts through an incredible display of generosity. Adorned with a perfect backdrop of a huge Christmas Lantern made with delicate Capiz shells, colourful lights, and featuring the Square and Compasses for an atmosphere of brotherhood, a quiet Church hall in Birmingham echoed festive tunes in the air as a group of Filipino Masons gathered for their annual event with charity in mind.

The evening kicked off with an air of excitement as the Con Amore Lodge Brethren and their significant others arrived in their traditional Barong Tagalog, spreading the holiday cheer to everyone. One of the highlights of the evening was a creative and engaging program that had everyone participating with enthusiasm including an entertaining song and dance number including a few renditions of Christmas songs by Britain’s Got Talent Finalist, Arisxandra Libantino.

The heartfelt speeches and videos underscored the true meaning of the season. Herewith, everyone was reminded that the holiday spirit is more than just about exchanging gifts; it’s about coming together to make a positive impact on the lives of others. In a message sent to the group, Vice-President of the Philippines, Sara Duterte, said that “together, we can create a community that embodies the spirit of Christmas and supports one another with positivity and inclusivity. Let us choose to bring hope and inspiration this Christmas season.” Equally, Deputy Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of the Philippines, Ariel Cayanan, said “This celebration of Christmas, we are all hopeful and trusting that the Yuletide season will strengthen and bolster our resolve for a progressive and brighter future ahead… Your initiative is not just worth emulating but should be accorded proper recognition and acknowledgement. I firmly salute your efforts…”

These group of Filipino Masons and their families raised a substantial sum that will go directly to a local charity in the Philippines to the much forgotten Aeta Indigent Community. Event Coordinator Ateng Loida Bermudez said that this indigent community have never even tasted or eaten Spaghetti and have asked her when they will be able to eat it? Such an innocent and simple but heart-warming request from a community forgotten by mainstream communities.

This heartwarming Christmas party showcased the incredible power of Freemasonry when united for a common cause. It serves as a reminder that, even in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, there is always time to give back and make a positive impact on the lives of others. As the event came to a close, every Brother Mason and their family left with not only fond memories of a joyous celebration but also with the satisfaction of knowing they had made a difference in their community during this season of giving.


50 years for W Bro Wakeman, 100 for Elia Lodge

Barry Warren, Secretary of Elia Lodge No 4590, writes, “The members of Elia Lodge No 4590, together with many guests, celebrated their Centenary on 16th January 2024 at a special meeting held at Bakers’ Hall. The meeting was attended by a delegation from Metropolitan Grand Lodge, including the guest of honour, W Bro Michael Todd AMetGM.

“Following the presentation of the Centenary Warrant by W Bro Todd, our centenary Master, W Bro Ray Wakeman, was also presented with a 50-year Long Service Certificate for his outstanding contribution to the Craft in general and Elia Lodge in particular.”

Elia Lodge was Consecrated on 19th December 1923 and owes its origin to founders living or working in Edmonton, with the name “Elia” adopted being the pen name of the essayist, Charles Lamb. Lamb showed throughout his life truly Masonic sentiments in the love for his sister who he cared for, and protected, for so many years after tragedy struck the family. Both are buried in Edmonton Churchyard.

Like many Lodges throughout the years, Elia has experienced the highs and lows of membership, but a recent resurgence in numbers bodes well as they journey enthusiastically into a second century.


60 Years of Service for W Bro Mike Smith

W Bro Mike Smith SLGR was initiated into Guelph Lodge No 1685 on 11th January 1964. He served as Master three times, Almoner for many years, and at the age of 91 is still the Lodge Organist. At the meeting held on the 12th January 2024, W Bro Mike was presented with his 60 Year Certificate by W Bro Michael Todd AMetGM, who sat down with him and talked about his life from his earliest memories as a young man through to the present day.

Tributes from Lodge members were also read by W Bro Todd, and W Bro Mike was also presented with a decanter from the members, engraved “60 Years in Guelph Lodge No 1685”.


Black in action

W Bro Elliot Black writes, “I was extremely proud to initiate my son, Harry Black, into Golden Rule Lodge No 1261 during my year as Worshipful Master. Harry also had the privilege of hearing his grandfather, Norman Smith, a Grand Officer, deliver an amazing and very emotional Charge to the Initiate.

“I think Brother Norman has been waiting many years to finally be able to see one of his family join the Craft. I was particularly pleased as, earlier this year, I received a Silver Matchbox for a First Degree ceremony from Emulation Lodge, so there was no way I was going to make a mistake despite the nerves! It was a wonderful occasion and we are very much looking forward to seeing Harry progress through office and enjoy the fraternal brotherhood, ritual and good humour that Masonry has to offer.”


Extra protection for Christ’s Hospital Lodge…

On October 9th 2023, VW Bro Cdr Ian Wellesley-Harding RN PGSwdB was Installed as Worshipful Master of Christ’s Hospital Lodge No 2650. During the ceremony, he entrusted his naval sword to Tyler W Bro Chris Casselden LGR PPGSwdB.

The Commander’s sword was a gift from his mother on his passing out from Dartmouth Royal Naval College, in March 1973. He expressed the hope that it will be as meaningful to the Members and Visitors as it will be to him that, for so long or short a time that he is the Lodge’s Master, the Brethren will be protected from all intruders and cowans to Masonry by the sword that he carried throughout his Naval career.


The Great City Lodge No 1426 celebrates 150 glorious years

On 3rd May 2023, The Great City Lodge No 1426 celebrated its 150th anniversary, exactly to the day that it was Consecrated in 1873. Dispensation was granted by Metropolitan Grand Lodge to hold an extra meeting to mark this special anniversary.

The meeting was held at the Lodge’s regular meeting place, Wax Chandler’s Hall in the City. Worshipful Master, W Bro Duncan Ward, and his Wardens W Bro Brian Townsend and Bro Shantha Perera, were joined by nine Honoured guests, including RW Bro Christopher Hayward Deputy Metropolitan Grand Master, PJGW and W Bro Scott Simpson, Metropolitan Grand Inspector. They and their Escorts were admitted into the Lodge by the Metropolitan Deputy Grand DC, W Bro James Skegg.

The Meeting included a presentation of the Lodge’s history, given by the Secretary, W Bro Graham King. This immense piece of research had to be condensed into 30 minutes, no mean feat as he had assessed every set of Installation minutes in detail. The full presentation, running to 25 pages, has been made available to the Brethren in full; and it includes some worthy historical notes – here are just a few…

• The Consecration Festive Banquet of May 1873 included a choice of 3 soups, 5 fish dishes, 3 entrees, 3 releves, 3 roasts and 9 different desserts.

• By 1875, the Lodge had grown to such an extent that five Almoners were appointed to deal with the many demands on the Charity of the Lodge.

• Notable Lodge Chaplains include the then Dean of St Paul’s Cathedral (1873) and the then Archdeacon of London (1900).

• One of the 179 attendees at the 1973 Centenary meeting was W Bro Brian Willett – who was also present at the 150th celebrations, and still in office today, as Chaplain.

The meeting then proceeded with W Bro John Rowe-Parr presenting to the Lodge its newly restored 1873 Bible, presented to the Lodge by the first Worshipful Master, James Stevens. It had been rediscovered in the archives in a crate, sealed in the 1950s. It weighs 22lbs and, due to previous continuous use, had been in a very poor condition. Pledges by the Brethren have allowed this beautiful book to be fully restored.

After the meeting was closed, the Brethren and guests were treated to a drinks reception and Festive Banquet, with the Worshipful Master and Guests of Honour piped to their seats by the Lodge Piper, W Bro Ralph Potter. A Charity Column, raffles and auctions raised several thousand pounds.



Veteran Jeffrey Long MBE raises £1000 with a two month hike around Bradford

W Bro Jeffrey Long MBE, a 92-year-old veteran and former paratrooper, has yet again completed a remarkable charity challenge. Known for a generosity and indefatigable spirit that has seen him complete dozens of charity walks, Jeffrey embarked on a mission to walk 101 laps around Bradford’s Centenary Square, to support the Bradford Royal Infirmary’s neonatal department—a unit that provided critical care for four of his grandchildren.

Despite facing physical challenges, including a bad back and an ankle injury from his time in service, and bad weather, Long persevered, managing to walk an average of four miles a day. across two months. His determination paid off, raising over £1400 for the cause. “It took longer than normal but I’m glad it’s over and raised a bit more money”, he says.

The Charity’s Head of Fundraising, Lisa Williams, adds: “At 92 years-old, ex-paratrooper Jeffrey Long MBE is an inspiration to us all.”

Jeffrey is a proud member of the Helvetica Lodge No 4894, as the name suggests originally founded for those with a connection to Switzerland. Jeffrey’s grandfather was Swiss, and Jeffrey himself was VP and ultimately the longest serving President of the Federation of Swiss Societies (also the only non-Swiss national to do so).

He was appointed an MBE in 2010 for his volunteering work. Over the past 15 years, Jeffrey’s walking endeavours have raised more than £300,000 for various charities. It all started with a 650-mile march from London to Lausanne in 2007, which he achieved while carrying a 30kg backpack. In 2022, he completed a 40 mile walk in aid of the Royal British Legion and Support our Paras, which finished with a mile up to the Cenotaph in London, despite having daily chemotherapy.

Says Jeffrey, “I started when I was 75, and once you start it’s difficult to give up. I carry bottles of water with me, a pair of socks, and some Quality Streets in a bag to give to those who need a bit of help. Every year I give out 200 or so pairs of socks. It inspires people. We should spend our life in this world and leave it able to think, I’ve done my bit.”

When asked if he is already planning his next fundraising adventure, he replies with a grin, “What do you think?”

You can sponsor Jeffrey at:


Double Celebrations for Fidelity and Goodwill

At a special meeting of Fidelity and Goodwill Lodge No 5404, held at Freemasons’ Hall on 9th February 2024, W Bro Alan Munn was presented with his 50 Years Long Service Certificate in London Masonry.

The meeting was attended by the VW Bro Chris Clarke PGSwD and W Bro Kieron Mallon PSGD Metropolitan Grand Inspector.

Along with greeting a former Initiate of the Lodge, W Bro Ian Seely PPGJD (Middlesex), who preceded W Bro Alan by just one meeting, also brought his 50th Year Certificate from the Province of Middlesex to make this a double celebration.

The meeting then conducted a Double Initiation of Bros Ameen Rahman and William Ashcroft.

At the conclusion of the meeting, special invited guests, friends and Brethren assembled to take a memorial photo; and a hugely enjoyable Festive Board was then held at the Thistle Hotel, where the Lodge Secretary, W Bro Guss Addow, presented a generous gift to W Bro Alan.


15,000km to a meeting

W Bro Tim Law SLGR, Metropolitan Assistant Grand Inspector, writes

I spent the last week of February in Papua New Guinea (PNG), Oceania. While I was in the capital of PNG, Port Moresby, I was fortunate enough to be able to visit Port Moresby Lodge No 445. Two Lodges meet in Port Moresby; the other being New Guinea Lodge No 292.

PNG Freemasonry operates under the United Grand Lodge of Queensland, but, Papua New Guinea Masons are currently in the process of approving their own design of apron, which is likely to feature a bird of paradise.

I attended an excellent meeting, at which I spoke about London Masonry, gave some numbers about the Craft in London and also a little about the history and significance of Freemasons’ Hall.

I then enjoyed a festive board with the Master, Wardens and Brethren, including an exchange of gifts. I am hoping to get back to PNG later this year, and will try to time that visit to coincide with another Lodge meeting.


A brace of doubles

On 9th February 2024 at Freemasons’ Hall, Ludgate Lodge No 4972 met for the double Passing of Bros Tom Burton and Callum Douglas Shaw. They were Passed in an impressive ceremony conducted by a broad array of Lodge members and guests. Similarly, on 1st December 2023, Skelmersdale Lodge No 1658, a University Scheme Lodge, met at Mark Masons’ Hall for the double Raising of Bros Ilias Kanakaris and Tik Ching Mordecai Leung. Their ceremony was conducted by Worshipful Master W Bro Tony Shepherd, ably assisted by some of the junior members who had successfully joined through the University Scheme and who continue to thrive in the Lodge.



And speaking of Bro Leung, on 9th February 2024, the newly Raised Bro Tik Ching Mordecai Leung and Skelmersdale Lodge’s Junior Warden, Bro Anton Uzanoff, took part in a 24 hour “Fence-athon”. They were raising money for the Brain Tumour Charity and for their King’s College London Fencing Club. To date, they have raised over £1,500.


50 de ani pentru W Bro Alan!

19 Brethren visiting from Romania joined the Military Lodge No 2621 in celebrating a very special day for W Bro Alan Barnard, PPAGDC (Beds). He received his 50th year Certificate from W Bro Kieron Mallon, PSGD, Metropolitan Grand Inspector.


Centenary Celebrations for Old Actonians Lodge No 4094

The Old Actonians Lodge No 4094, consecrated 19th June 1920, having been sponsored by the Antioch Lodge No 3271, reached its centenary in June 2020. However, due to Covid restrictions at that time, the centenary celebrations were deferred until 7th October 2023.

Being a Metropolitan Lodge, the Centenary Ceremony was held at Freemasons’ Hall, where the Brethren were honoured to welcome RW Bro Christopher Hayward, Metropolitan Deputy Grand Master, as its guest of honour, with a deputation of other Metropolitan Officers. The Centenary Warrant was presented to the Worship Master, W Bro Andrew Gunn, and read by W Bro Tudor Morgan MetAsstGSec. Centenary jewels were then worn and displayed by Lodge members. A brief history of the Old Actonians Lodge was delivered by W Bro Rob McCarthy (Lodge Director of Ceremonies & Chaplain), followed by an oration delivered by W Bro Andrew Stevens MetDepGChap. The ceremony was very ably conducted under the direction of W Bro James Skeggs MetDepGDC.

A champagne reception and four course Festive Board was held at the Royal National Hotel, where copies of a full Lodge history booklet were presented to all in attendance. Celebrations continued late into the evening. The Lodge has also donated £375 to Alzheimer’s UK and £300 to The Lily Foundation, a children’s charity fighting debilitating mitochondrial diseases, from monies collected as part of the Centenary celebration fund.


A young Master upholds traditions at New Garden Lodge

New Garden Lodge No 7804 and its visitors met on 18th January 2024 to instal W Bro Chris Criscione, 28, into the Chair. The faultless ceremony was conducted by Installing master W Bro Zak Forbes, who Chris follows in a long line of first-time Masters coming through the progressive offices.

One of London’s youngest to take the Chair (there are no formal records to fall back on here), Chris, a communications adviser and politician, spoke of his pleasure at his Installation: “New Garden Lodge never fails to captivate those Brethren who visit. We pride ourselves on exceptional ritual with a little fun along the way. I couldn’t be prouder that my Installation proved no exception to that.”

At the Festive Board, W Bro Chris committed with his officers to increasing membership in the Craft and holy Royal Arch, upholding high standards of ritual, fostering camaraderie beyond meetings and continuing to raise money for charities close to the Lodge’s Brethren.

“Freemasonry empowers people to lead better lives, diffuse charity and benevolence across the world, and to serve society in the best ways we can”, he says. “This is something that unites us and which I hope to continue promoting in my year as Master with the help of those who make up such a wonderful, vibrant New Garden Lodge.”


A double celebration for Winchmore Hill


On Monday 20th November 2023, Winchmore Hill Lodge No 3523 met for two memorable reasons. First, the meeting honoured 60 years in Freemasonry for W Bro Roger Crendon Chapman PGStB SLGR, current Master for the eighth time.

The Lodge’s IPM, VW Bro Richard Greenhill PGSwdB and former AMetGM gave details of Bro Roger’s long and eventful Masonic career as a Grand Officer in both Craft and Chapter and high office in Mark and Rose Croix, alongside a long and eventful personal career. VW Bro Mark Horlock PGSwdB AMetGM then presented the certificate.

This was then followed by the passing of Bro Paul Fisher of Bourne Lodge No 6959 to the Second Degree. Bro Paul requested that Winchmore Hill Lodge carry out the Second Degree ceremony in memory of his Great Uncle, W Bro John Ivison MBE SLGR, a long standing and highly regarded member of the Lodge, who died aged 101 in 2013 after 73 years in Freemasonry. Bro Paul was accompanied by W Bro Adam Lee of Bourne Lodge (his proposer into Freemasonry), who gave an excellent exposition of the Fellowcraft Working Tools. This was then followed by an outstanding performance of the explanation of the Second Degree Tracing Board by W Bro Geoffrey Morrison of the Arkley & Finchley Lodge No 7720.

VW Bro Mark Horlock PGSwdB AMetGM congratulated Bro Paul on his achievement and presented him with a Fellowcraft guide. An enthusiastic Festive Board was held afterwards at the Southgate Masonic Centre.

Photography by W Bro Michael Belson LGR.


A barrel of laughs for South London

On Thursday 9th November 2023, Brethren from Streatham Hill Lodge No 3784 held their annual charity comedy night at the iconic Rivoli Ballroom, Brockley. This year, the event was held in aid of Kent-based charity, the Chris Aked Foundation, which provides support to the children of families dealing with cancer and other life affecting illnesses.

Organiser and current Senior Warden of Streatham Hill, Bro Dave Moss, performed his own stand-up set alongside six other well established comedians. “The night was extremely well supported by Masons and non-Masons alike”, commented ‘Mossy’. “All of the comedians gave their time up for free, all of which contributed to the night raising £1,435 for a really great cause.”


70 not out!

Metropolitan Grand Inspector, Sanjiv Gohil, led a delegation that visited W Bro Martin Watson, to present him with a 70th anniversary certificate. This marked his significant contribution to the Craft, especially in the key offices of Master, Secretary and Treasurer.

Three generations have added to the Masonic DNA in the family with their work for Salisbury Lodge, No 435. Now aged 95, Martin has two sons and four grandchildren. He lives in Bushey House, near Watford, where he organises quizzes for staff and residents which have featured at the home since the start of the pandemic. He also visits a local primary school to give “living history” talks about his time as a wartime evacuee from north London. Chiefly as an accountant for Shell, he travelled widely in Europe, the Mediterranean, far East and the US during his working life.


125 years for Acanthus

On 28th November 2023, in the Grand Temple at Mark Masons’ Hall, over 50 Brethren gathered to help celebrate the 125th Anniversary meeting of Acanthus Lodge No 2715 and to mark the Installation of W Bro Terry Hoare as its Worshipful Master. A wonderful Festive turkey carvery dinner was then enjoyed with carols, crackers and paper Christmas crowns!


Respects paid on Armistice Day at Freemasons’ Hall

On Armistice Day, Saturday 11th November 2023, Freemasons’ Hall made the Vestibule outside the main entrance of the Grand Temple available for members of those Lodges and Chapters meeting on that morning to spend time in silent tribute in front of the magnificent stained glass Window of Remembrance.


A stellar Centenary Celebration for Boston Park Lodge

On 30th November 2023, 17 members of the Boston Park Lodge No 4576, along with 32 guests, gathered in the sumptuous Temple 10 at Freemasons’ Hall to celebrate the Centenary of the Lodge, 100 years and one day after its Consecration.

After opening the Lodge, the Worshipful Master, W Bro David Stratton SLGR, was delighted to welcome RW Bro Warren Duke, Deputy Metropolitan Grand Master, and his party, who were received by the assembled Brethren with acclamation.

Bro Warren was warmly greeted in the East by Bro David and, in accordance with protocol and tradition, offered control of the Lodge, which he graciously declined.

Bro David then gave a short history of the Lodge, explaining the reasons for its creation and highlighting the Lodge’s responses to the various calls from UGLE, and latterly Metropolitan Grand Lodge, for the various charitable initiatives raised by these two Grand Lodges. This tradition began with the call in 1924 for the Masonic Million Memorial Fund, for which their contributions earned them the right to be called a Hallstone Jewel Lodge; and continues to the present day with the latest London Air Ambulance Appeal, for which they have already achieved a Star Silver Award.

The Lodge’s Centenary Warrant, having been examined by Bro Warren, was then read and displayed to the assembly by W Bro Matthew Christmas, Metropolitan Grand Secretary. After the reading, Bro Warren presented the Warrant to the Worshipful Master, explaining that the Warrant not only recognises the Lodge’s 100 Years of continuous activity, but also entitles the Lodge’s subscribing Master Masons to wear a Centenary Jewel as part of their regular regalia. Bro Warren then presented the first Centenary Jewel to Bro David, who thanked him kindly.

Bro Matthew presented an excellent Oration, based on the history of the Lodge. This had been written by W Bro Rabbi Zvi Solomons, the Metropolitan Deputy Grand Chaplain, who only arrived at the festive board after significant car troubles. It was warmly received with resounding applause by the assembly.

The business of the ceremony being ended, the assembled Brethren retired to the Hercules Pillars, where they enjoyed a Champagne reception and exquisite feast. During the toasts, Bro David thanked Bro Warren for honouring the Lodge with his attendance and for the excellent work of his Escorting Officers. He also praised the work of those Lodge members who played an extensive part in the evening’s success, particularly W Bro Mark Randall, Lodge Secretary, and W Bro Keith Knowles, the Lodge’s Visiting Officer, who generously provided gifts for the evening.

As a result of funds collected on the evening, those pledged ahead and other funds collected, the Worshipful Master was pleased to announce that a further £2,500 would shortly be forwarded to the London Air Ambulance Appeal, which notice was warmly greeted by the assembled Brethren.